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In the diversified world of logistics, the one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't cut it. At Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd, we recognize each shipment's unique demands and have an array of specialized handling equipment that cater to the distinct requirements of your products. 

Our Forklift Attachments

Our ability to load, unpack, and receive goods is unmatched and ensures your shipments are maneuvered and managed with precision and care.

Specialized handling happens across our robust 60,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, where we employ the following types of forklift attachments to move cargo safely and effectively. 

  1. The Clamp attachment grabs shipments from the side for added stability when moving them around the warehousing space.
  2. The Slipsheet attachment allows the forklift operator to lift a load and push or pull the cargo as needed.
  3. A Roll Clamp attachment helps forklift operators lift and move oversized goods, such as large rolls of paper.
  4. The Carpet Pole attachment is a thin, high-tensile steel pole that replaces the forks and ensures heavy rolls of carpet (up to two thousand pounds) are transported securely.

Protecting your valuable assets from damage during loading and unloading is not just our priority; it's our specialty. And by employing these specialized attachments, we navigate the complexities of non-standard loads such as paper reels or textiles with ease and grace. 

At Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd, we deliver an immaculate, state-of-the-art warehousing solution. We understand that every business has unique supply chain needs, which is why we diligently customize our handling services to accommodate a variety of specialized products, ensuring they arrive at their destination just as intended – in impeccable condition and on time.

Connect with us today and discover how our specialized handling capabilities can propel your logistics forward.