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At Pacific Coast Distribution Calgary, we provide essential outdoor yard storage at our commercial outdoor storage yard. We are strategically situated in Calgary, providing unbeatable access to main highways and transport arteries, ensuring convenience for businesses across various sectors.

Yard storage refers to the use of secured outdoor space for storing large, oversized equipment, vehicles, or bulk materials that do not require enclosed warehousing. Some examples of commercial industries that rely on secure yard storage include:

  • Window and Door Companies: Secure storage for glass racks, oversized crates, door inventory, and materials when your workshop runs out of space.
  • Lumber Companies: We offer temporary storage solutions for lumber bundles and provide cross-dock services as needed.
  • Oversized Equipment: Our facility is perfectly suited for the parking and storage of oversized equipment, providing easy access to trucks and machinery.
  • Film Industry: Calgary's burgeoning movie industry benefits from our spacious yard storage, accommodating unique storage needs with an experienced team on hand.
  • Specialty Heavy-Duty Equipment: Finding a storage space for specialty and heavy-duty equipment can be challenging. We offer a secure and accessible solution for storing these items.

How Does Yard Storage Benefit Calgary Businesses?

Yard storage is incredibly valuable for Calgary businesses involved in construction, manufacturing, film production, and other industries needing flexible, accessible, and secure space for their assets. By opting for yard storage, you can reduce overhead costs compared to warehousing and have the flexibility to store a vast range of items on a short-term or long-term basis.

If you require yard storage in Calgary, Pacific Coast Distribution Calgary is here to design a commercial solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements, be it for short-term projects or long-term base operations.

We are a full-service warehousing and transportation provider for businesses in Canada and across the Pacific Northwest. Our extensive logistics network ensures a complete solution at competitive prices, helping us serve as a vital component of your larger logistical strategy.

Interested in exploring yard storage options for your business? Contact us today and let our team craft the perfect storage strategy for you.