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Pick and pack services are a critical component of the logistics process and involve gathering specific items from warehousing inventory and packaging them for shipment. Accurate, efficient, and agile, these services are the pulse of effective fulfillment operations for small e-commerce brands to national healthcare businesses. 

At Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd, we proudly offer pick and pack services to businesses across the Pacific Northwest. 

Our tech-heavy and customer-focused approach means your business enjoys seamless warehousing and transportation for all products, and we have over 60,000 sq. ft. of secure space in Calgary and Langley. With this proximity to major Highways, the Canada/US border, and international ports, we can help you enter new markets.

Beyond our strategic locations, our expert staff gives your business an advantage by assisting with customs documentation, and shipping forms, while finding the best delivery options to suit your needs.

How Do Pick and Pack Services Work?

Pick and pack services occur in warehousing and distribution centers. Upon receiving an order, specialized staff scans through the inventory to select the specific product(s) from the storage facility and prepare them for dispatch. 

During packing, items are carefully encased in containers and prepared for transport to warehouses or directly to customers. Containers are customized to safeguard contents, convey brand identity, and display labels with accurate documentation to ensure smooth delivery. 

Additionally, the process may involve assembling various items into a single, comprehensive package, efficiently consolidating multiple order components.

This streamlined process requires precision and speed, facilitated by state-of-the-art technology that tracks inventory levels and product locations. 

Leverage Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd.’s Pick & Pack Expertise

Every industry, from burgeoning e-commerce platforms to established healthcare providers, from innovative electronics manufacturers to food producers, can see measurable growth and efficiency with tailored pick and pack solutions. 

Ready to revolutionize your order fulfillment? Reach out now for a free quote and discover how we can enhance your logistics with pick and pack services in Calgary.