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Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd dedicates its business to handling freight in a professional and cost-efficient manner. We want to keep your freight safe and get it delivered on time, wherever that is. 

To achieve this end, we offer warehousing, shipping, and logistics to a variety of market sectors, including but not limited to food, beverage, healthcare, beauty, and electronics.

Food Grade Warehousing

We have the perfect solution for your food products needing warehousing as part of their shipping journey. We have strict safety and quality controls and can meet your needs for temperature and/or humidity control.

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Beverage Warehousing

Beverages may require special handling and may also have special temperature and humidity needs. The quality of the product may depend on the environment in which it is stored and how carefully it is handled. We are experienced with warehousing and shipping beverage products and encourage you to talk to us in Calgary.

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Healthcare Warehousing

We are experienced in handling the most fragile medicines medical equipment and devices. We understand how sensitive these products may be. We can help you with your healthcare supply chair with our shipping and warehousing in Calgary.

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Beauty Products Warehousing

For your beauty products, we can help you manage your shipping, warehousing, and logistics in Calgary. We offer a wide range of services and every client deserves a customized solution designed specifically for him or her.

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Electronics Products Warehousing

Electronic products can be very sensitive and regular special handling and possibly even specific temperatures for storage. We are experienced in handling, shipping, warehousing, and designing customized solutions for producers and distributors of electronics in southern Alberta.

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We serve manufacturers and distributors across Canada and the US.

Let us be your 3PL partners and ship and store your products in Calgary. Contact us today to get started.