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In logistics and warehousing, inventory management methods and technology can make or break a supply chain, and having a warehouse that can effectively count, track, and analyze all products in storage provides businesses with a significant competitive advantage.

Instead of investing in the equipment required to make inventory tracking possible, work with Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd today to benefit from our inventory management solutions. 

We utilize barcodes and enterprise software to track every single product we ship and receive, which pair together to create an ideal inventory management system.

We Utilize Barcodes For Clear Record Keeping

When we receive a shipment at our Calgary or Langley warehouse, we affix it with a unique barcode that adds it to our database and tracks its location. With a centralized database of barcodes, businesses can quickly sift through their existing inventory and adjust sales, deliveries, and returns as necessary. 

The advantages of embracing barcoding extend beyond inventory tracking. By minimizing manual recording, our barcoding process reduces time spent and human error, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for all products stored inside our facilities. 

Our Enterprise Software Provides Real-Time Location Tracking & Visibility

Pinpointing a product’s location at any moment is paramount in today's fast-paced market, and our enterprise software provides businesses with real-time insights into all product's whereabouts. 

By pairing product data supplied from barcodes into our enterprise inventory management software, businesses have real-time visibility of products in storage or out for delivery and can better anticipate reordering times to prevent stockouts and overstocking. 

In short, our computerized inventory management enables more accurate forecasting and a more responsive supply chain for businesses.

Simplify Calgary Inventory Management With Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd

For businesses looking to optimize their supply chain, inventory management is critical. At Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd, our facilities are equipped with the technology and capabilities needed to turn inventory management into a strength for your business. 

Contact us today to learn about our warehousing services in Calgary, Langley, and the Pacific Northwest.