510 Carmek Blvd SE, Calgary, AB

Pacific Coast Distribution has recently opened a Calgary office and warehouse to meet the needs of our Calgary clients for transportation and warehousing of their products related to the healthcare industry.

We offer secure storage at our state-of-the-art warehouse for all kinds of healthcare products including medication, medical devices, and supplies. We have an excellent inventory management system that enables the client and us to track and manage the supply at all times with real-time data on stock levels.

As an asset-based 3PL company, we also have all the transportation solutions you may need with a fleet of vehicles and our in-house mechanics. We understand that time is money, and clients need to be able to rely on us for on-time, cost-efficient transportation of freight.

For warehouse features that are specific to the healthcare industry, take a look at the following:

We have HACCP certification.

Healthcare products are given a barcode and pallet location.

Inventory can be tracked through our enterprise WMS by us and our clients.

Access Control: We limit access to the warehouse to only Pacific Coast Distribution staff.

Quality Control: Trained personnel conduct regular quality control checks to ensure that healthcare products are free from damage or defects and that they meet the required standards.

Safety: Trained personnel properly handle healthcare products to eliminate the risk of injury, contamination, or damage to the products and personnel. 

Your healthcare products are in good hands with us at Pacific Coast Distribution. Contact us today, and let us help you get your shipping and logistics on track.