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Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd provides cross-docking services in Vancouver and Calgary, allowing businesses to transfer goods efficiently and effectively from inbound vehicles directly onto outbound vehicles without incurring additional warehousing costs.

Incorporating cross-docking strategies into your supply chain can be complicated, but the reduced costs and increased delivery speed are worth it. 

Simplify your warehousing, logistics, and transportation needs by working with Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd. We are your company of choice for asset-based freight transportation, co-packing, and warehousing services – whether you have 50 or 500 pallets. If our trucks don’t go where you need, our logistics department determines the best option and can arrange for load pick-ups and deliveries across North America

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What is Cross-Docking?

Cross-docking is a logistics procedure where goods are directly transferred from incoming to outbound transportation without long-term storage in between. Products arrive at a specialized docking terminal and are immediately sorted and reloaded onto other transport vehicles destined for the next leg of delivery. 

Ideal for time-sensitive or perishable items, cross-docking helps maintain product freshness, reduce handling time, accelerate deliveries, and decrease costs associated with warehousing. 

Implementing cross-docking requires precise coordination and is best suited for businesses with the capability to rapidly move and manage inventory.

Finding Cross-Docking Services in Calgary

Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd is eager to offer efficient Calgary cross-docking services to all businesses in Western Canada, and we are dedicated to enhancing logistics with expert distribution services in BC and Alberta.  

If you're situated in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, or Calgary and seeking an upgrade in your delivery and warehousing strategy, contact Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd today for personalized assistance with your cross-docking requirements.