510 Carmek Blvd SE, Calgary, AB

Pacific Coast Distribution, based in Vancouver, has recently opened a Calgary location for our 3PL clients needing shipping, warehousing, and logistics solutions for their beauty products. We are here to offer cost-efficient solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, needing to store or ship products at our convenient Calgary location.

As key to the success of your business, we offer the following:

Inventory Management:

We understand that knowing where your products are at all times is critical since products have varying shelf lives. We keep track of all products, and clients can also log in to our inventory management system for real-time data.

Order Processing and Fulfillment:

Maintaining your reputation depends on timely and efficient order processing. We receive, ship, and pick and pack orders in the most efficient way possible, to keep your business operating efficiently.

Transportation and Distribution:

Your beauty supplies and products require transportation and distribution that is timely and cost-efficient to make sure products get to where they need to be on time and in perfect condition. Our staff is highly trained to handle your products with care. We are constantly tracking your products coming in and going in as we coordinate delivery schedules.

Quality Control and Safety

Beauty products may require special handling or storage conditions. We provide this service to all our beauty product clients, doing whatever is needed to maintain the quality of the shipment while complying with safety regulations.

Pacific Coast Distribution has been performing all of these services, noted above, for years in Vancouver where our head office is. Now we are also offering these services in Calgary.

We provide customized solutions for each of our 3PL clients to meet their unique needs for transportation, warehousing, storage, and logistics. Contact us today, and talk to us about your 3PL needs in Calgary.