510 Carmek Blvd SE, Calgary, AB

If you are in either the appliance or the electronics industry, then you may need some 3PL help with the transportation and warehousing of your products. Pacific Coast Distribution, which is based in Vancouver, has recently opened new offices and warehouses in Calgary to meet the growing need for Pacific’s expertise.

We can help you secure and streamline your supply chain with our experience, space, state-of-the-art equipment and software, and a fleet of trucks. We are an asset-based company with a stake in the business.

Whatever your products are, we can keep them safe and secure in our warehouse, where all of our products are tracked with our enterprise WMS which enables our clients to also access real-time data. If you require special temperature or humidity considerations for your products, we can make that happen. Or maybe your products need special handling. We can do that, too.

We and you will know all the time exactly where your products are including their barcodes and pallet locations. All trucks also have GPS systems installed. We run a tight ship, and offer our clients cost-efficient, timely, and customized solutions to their 3PL challenges is what we do.

Access Control, Quality Control, and Safety measures are already in place to protect the integrity of your products and shipments. Contact us in Calgary and see how we can improve your bottom line through our experience, our warehouses, our fleet, and our hard work, streamlining your supply chain and making your shipping and logistics more efficient.